It’s Veron’s Birthday!!

First and foremost…. *Clear throat*

Happie Happie 24th Birthday to dearie babe Veron aka VyRoxy!!

She’s truly one of the pinkiest sweetest heartiest warmest princessest girl I’d known in the world and irresistibly loved by everyone around her. I ‘m always delighted having her around for her rainbow-ish happiness aura.

*** *** ***

10.04.09. Belated birthday celebration for Veron @ Marche The Curve.

Have forgotten how long I’ve never patronize Marche. The food is still awesome, despite the very long queue and cutting throat pricing.

That was a rainy night too. I heart rainy day. I’d rushed to the Curve right after work and was being late for half an hour due to some discussions, millions apology to the babes…. Oh and a lad too :p



Our theme of the day ----- PINK. Princesses are always PINK!

And I noticed that I don’t really have many pink attire, ended up with a pale pink flare skirt. I have to bring up the little pink slice of me to match with the two pinky princess for the photo :p



Penny and miaoz. And the kesianly wasted unfinished food. And my still-extra-long hair.



PINK and PINK again.



I love this shot. Penny looks adorable ^^*



Lovey Dovey Calver. The greatest couple ever.



Wonwon’s special appearance of the day.


Thanks to the blogosphere that tied us together and painted my life. Best wishes to the birthday girl, endless blessings to your marriage. xoxo.


Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy said...

Oh I LOVE YOU!!! Gazillion *Smooch* hehe...

alvin24 said...

Happy Burfday VyRoxy! =)

Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy said...

Thank you Alvin! Hope to see you soon...

alvin24 said...

U're welcome...
I'm still stuck overseas...
*sob sob*

Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy said...

Better be back soon Alvin...We all miss you...Esp...Ehem...this blog owner...Hehe...

alvin24 said...

Woot woot!

I copy this link, show to my boss, my clients, and my partners la... so they all can work faster than I can go home faster also!


*wishing it was that easy*

aileng miao said...

hahahahah yea yea copy copy~ den spam his mail box with this link for thousand times~ woot woooot he sure dont dare to keep u there~

veron:: yealor pooor miaozzz been alone for soooo long... *sigh long long*

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