27th April II

As mentioned, this is the Story of 27th April, Part II.

Except being the celebratable day of Mr. Morse has been delivered to the earth, on this date, there’s something else that we NEED to appreciate on 24th April.

Guess who?

Guess what?





It’s International Donuts Appreciation Day!!

Did you see halo of the Donut?


It’s a fantastic day for Donuts Lovers to enjoy donuts guilt-free.


Bad day for boyfriends who hates donuts saying it’s too sweet but the girlfriend loves donuts as much as she loves her shoes.


I know Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Secretary Week this and that bla bla bla, but have never really expect that mummum food has it’s appreciation day too wtf. Therefore I decided to try Google and see what’s this Donuts Day about and I found this page – The Bizarre Food Holiday which self declared useless stuff contented.

But I actually enjoy browsing thru it. OMG.

And I found out that May is the International Egg Month, so please take eggs everyday – scrambled egg omelette fried egg half boiled egg egg yolk egg white everything about egg~ As well May is the National Barbeque month, does it mean I have to start planning for Barbeque…?

Muahaha this page is so cute anyway. Check it out and have a laugh on all the non sense celebrations.


*Special credit to Evo Space for the Donuts pictures :)


*** *** ***


Time for the random picked picz of the week.



Found this BEEPING UFO in Snowflakes Subang Section 15. It beeps and vibrates when the orders are ready for collection.



The Beeping UFO isn’t threatening at all, it’s totally human-friendly.



That’s the way it beeps, and there’s lights too!



I was blur maximus to the extent that to whack my own face with my wardrobe door and got my face scratched deep deep… Pain… And ugly… T______T



Our newly discovered Churros, the typical breakfast bite of Spanish. Sweet and crunchy goes super well with the very rich hot chocolate dip. Found it at the small little kiosk Molten Lava @ One Utama New Wing, near Cold Storage.

*Pictures taken by my LG Ice Cream. ps. I want a camera~~


EVo said...

Miaooo...miaooo....u can use any of my photos as u want ai leng! coz ur too sweet to say no ;) thanks for letting me know =) were u at the KK function?

aileng miao said...

EVo:: thnx thnx thnx :) i was worried if u might not like it tat I'v oledi used it when i told u :p

the kk function i wasnt there. else sure cum up n hihi to u guys lor

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