Battle Of The Sexes


One beautiful Saturday morning of March. My baby bugged me via MSN from that far far away land, wants me to keep a copy of The Star for him.

So I bugged him back of why he so wanted this particular copy, obviously.

He didn’t tell me why, obviously.

I almost killed by curiosity, obviously.


And then I can’t help my mind of figuring all kind of non-sense. Such as… If he have done up something like the very famous first ever Billboard Proposal of “Kelly Tan E Li, will you marry me?”…? Then I’m gonna be omg omg omg and I wouldn’t know how to handle it.


It’s never happened as per my fancy imagination in the end, obviously.


I can’t even get the paper for that Saturday. It was sold out everywhere when I finally reluctantly left my bed and went out to hunt for the paper at the evening.


Time flies. My curiosity died too. Another Saturday came.

It was a girlie Saturday that I hung out with my jimuis for whole day doing shopping eating and drinking. Half way thru the day, wonwon told me I was on The Star.



It wasn’t a wedding proposal, obviously.









Btl Of Sexes 1v2 

But anyways it was partially about me and baby.


He set me up T_______T

He posted my very fugly picture.

No doubt it looks funny. It matches the title “Battle of The Sexes”.


Baby was interviewed by his journalist friend. He says…

Btl Of Sexes 2_1

“I’ve never has an argument-free relationship” (Precisely! If you can die without debating how you gonna be argument-free leh?)

“Now it’s all about money” (My baby has another GF, it wasn’t me…… *sobz*)


Btl Of Sexes 2_2

“lies in the fact that men are simple creatures.” (lies in the fact that men thinks they are simpler whenever they trying to escape from the burden of BEING UNDERSTANDING)


Snorkelling Fun 

That means we gonna keep arguing till we both old and until all our teeth fall. OMG.


To curios people in the house, for the full article published in The Star, please click HERE.


kevinpnp said...

So your boyfriend is an engineer.

Engineers all over the world are famous for earning little money compared to other professions. That's why we are always worrying about money but there so little we can do.

Don't worry, cause love is free and don't cost any money. Haha...

alvin24 said...
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alvin24 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alvin24 said...

The "now its all about money" part is quite WTF also ler, since i said a bunch of other stuffs too! haha... the 'argue about money' part was directed a different relationship of mine. =) Not the current one. =)

hor? baby hor?

aileng miao said...

kevin :: hurh this is the very 1st time i heard people said that engineers are poorly paid :p

Lwin :: yea yea yea the previous SEVEN rite?

alvin24 said...


Yeah lor... i'm an engineer also, this is the first time I heard that engineers are poorly paid. LoLz...

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