Kent Invented Event @ Westin Hotel, KL

What happened on last Saturday…

I spent half a day working as a slave at Solaris. Freaking kesian lor weekend also have to work, some more the weather was crazy, I felt like on a electrical BBQ Grill Board, it cooks me to medium rare.


Therefore I kao-kaoly rewarded myself with half-day-full of funs.



We heart BAT ♥



Check this out. I bought huawer… … … … On behalf of Perry to present to his Franchesca.



Pool Side @ Westin Hotel KL. The hearty organizer got all the floats and beach balls and water gun ready  before the party started.


♥ Splashed People ♥

P4182325 P4182326 P4182327 2783_73131868121_546423121_1688838_7171728_nP4182341


I can’t deny, it was an absolutely poisonous event. Free flow beer and whisky + pool side BBQ + groovy DJ in the house + fantastic pool view, what’s more?

Now check out the food they served.



These are Marshmallow, really. We grilled it with the bread toaster next to it.



Lovey Cotton Candy colorized by the very futuristic Kent Light Box.



Strawberry Pie – mouth watering ain’t it?



Some Watermelon Juice mocktail thingy. Not much of my liking >.<



BBQ squid and chicken and fish and lamb etc etc etc.


P4182345  P4182343

When the night falls…


Awww I’m sure I’m gonna miss my weekend so much so much so much…..


emily @ shinyshampoo said...

so many cute food gehh???

pink color somemoreeee~

amber said...

argh.. party party, buddy buddy,yummy tipsy, pretty babe..
i wanna join too..

amber said...

Emily: u r reli such a big fan of pink wor.. pink color food oso catch ur attention..can imagine how sweet u r..

aileng miao said...

amber:: LOL how u noe ppl get tipsy? hmmm must be the wantik's face damn reddish lor....

emily:: hahahah yealor yealor those food are cutie, especialli the cotton candy. Love it maximus *v*

alvin24 said...

err... If i liked pink... would I be categorized as 'sweet' as well?

amber said...

u arr?? err.. oso can min keong categorize into "S" type geh..
but is "sour"..haha..

alvin24 said...


Damn bad lor u Amber...
*sob sob*

aileng miao said...

nope. Lwin is salty wanzz~ Because he tend to be a Cwid ---> Seaweed

alvin24 said...


Damn bad lor u aileng...
*sob sob*

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