Just Another Weekend

Kicked start my weekend with beautiful sunny shine brunch @ Schokolart Solaris. I abandoned garden salad that I’ve been craving for Salmon Sandwich. Stomach was too empty for green and it shouted for meat. I was indulged with very very richie Chocolates of Schokolart ♥


Moved on to Peek-a-boo The Curve and we all had our so-called director cut. After probably three years time having the very boring same extra long hair, I’ve finally…………


Still having the very same hair style. I’ve cut it slightly shorter to get rid of the hopeless spilt ends and to trim it a lot more layered.


 R0014565 - Copy (3)

Thanks to the boy friend for stopping, otherwise you’ll be viewing a short hair aileng miao’s picture now.


Later of the afternoon, we settled ourselves at the not so many desserts Just Dessert The Curve. The menu is quite the turning off while we were expecting a lot a lot of soupy hot desserts while the rain was pouring and the weather was freezing.


We called off a girlie afternoon and continue my day with Saturday Velvet fever.

And I’ve had a most ridiculous Mambo Jambo night. Unbelievable.

And I don’t have any party picture here. Gerald kept it all and never upload wth.


*** *** ***


I’m not sure what happened on the Sunday morning. Because when I wokeup it’s already when the sun raised up in the middle of sky, that’s 3pm.

And it was pouring pouring and freezing. Again.

So I rolled myself in his favourite bluey blanky, letting Jazzy and Bosa Nova sang to me. And I was missing those weekends.


When the pouring start getting exhausted and drizzling weakly. I freed myself outa bed and went out for sundries shopping. Bought a huge tub of yogurt and a large pack of milk for myself. And I was missing those sharing moments.


For those who are gepoh, I’ve finally got my working bag from Charles & Keith.RM169.



Oh look at the clock, few more hours there goes my weekend. Another tough day tomorrow in work. I love weekends.


Another slumber playlist to share. She’s Meiko, an Indie American songwriter/singer who topped the iTunes Singer-Songwriter Songs chart.


amber said...

i tot u reli chop off all to short hair tim..
tak fun one..

soooooooooooooo keen to see how do u look in short hair..

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