Bare vs Makeover

He requested me to go out in bareface with him and I did that. Not too difficult what, I dont normally makeup when I am not working ^^ But he was further requested me to take pic with this blurry face =.=

So he said I dont look much different. Surprised. I think infact soooo much different the make over and bare face me. Anyway thanks for comforting me =)

Bare face, absolutely blurry look.

Make over for Dewars Academy Launch, its been quite sometime I didnt put on such heavy makeup ever since Im a full fledge OL. It was all for Jcey...


Anonymous said...

make up is magic..it creates miracle..

Anonymous said...

so who's the lucky guy ? hehe

aileng miao said...

yeayea makeup created magic on me ::hehe::
who's de anonymous who checking out de lucky guy?

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