Happie New Year ^^*

Happie New Year to everybody~!!

Same as my xmas, Im rot-ing myself at home, and doing nothing as everybody going out paktuo. I also want someone to pui me~~

I had a very interesting new year countdown ytday. I considered it as a good start of a year.

Me and wantik (yes its wantik again) both worked for Tuborg at Sunway Rave @ Surf Beach. It doesnt seems to be sooo hapenning as it is a very last min event. But its just nice with the headcount of about 2000-4000 pax. This job is just superb!! We just stand around, doing nothing, direct those ravers to where they wanna go, gepoh, play... hahaha we have no regret of rejecting zmun's JTI job initially for the sake of short working hrs. And now... we enjoyed our job alot alot alot~~~

The event company's people are just great. Not to mention the two Ivans we had known, they pui-ed us quarter of our working time. Then Stanley our newly known event exec also pui-ed us quite some time. Dear dearest Jason the AM of the company even better, we were suppose still on duty, but he already asked us to go play water gun, play water, see fireworks, countdown. Somemore "hey you both stil donwant go and change?" hahaha thnx everybody for giving us such good time :)

Dont doubt at us, we are really working...

Sweaty+downpour=messy dirty miao ><

10 seconds before 12am, we prepared with our party pack and the twinky whistle, stood on the beach and countdown, then fireworks~ the fireworks aint superb but its been soo many yrs that I have nvr watch fireworks in such short distance ::hyper:: I felt pieces of star dust dropped right infront of my eyes. And erm.... its romantic ::love::

I admired those ppl who can play in the man made "sea". I have regreted didnt bring along shorts and slippers.

After this, me and wantik suppose to go Decanter as promised to Perry. But it was soo jam after everybody counted down in Sunway (both Pyramid and Lagoon neh! Imagine how many human beings there!) So we went for a new place after we lepak-ed the entire Sunway. Our feet were sooo tired and we just need somewhere nice and not too pack for a drink. So we went for the Borneo Rainforest right infront of Sunway Hotel.

Its a very nice place indeed, with Borneo-like ambience with a very very stunning impressive percussion band performance. They used our daily stuff as percussions to perform nice and harmonic rythm with a vocalist thru de play. (click to see the origin of this art --- STOMP)

Sadly my phone outa batt aftr me and wantik camwored during work :p So i stolen picz from others' website ^^*

This is the outlook of Borneo Rainforest Sunway right in front of Sunway Hotel, definitely not the one at Pyramid.

The walkway of its entrance.

The stage, the main bar and the dance floor (shud be?).

The crowd, mixture of Mat Salleh, Indians, Malays. But mostly well-to-do persons. And the unique design of the roof.

Walk up to the second flr, there are 3 personalized party room partitioned with glass which you can view the entire dance floor. Quite spacious for every single room Should be very nice for some small scale private party ^^*

(Photo Resources from cheddyyusof's multiply)

*** *** ***

What have I done at home for the 1st day of year 2008? Other than sleeping, bloging and chating........

Im trying to curl my hair again :p


emily @ shinyshampoo said...

ooh... thats wantik... now only i knoe... hehe~

get well soon ya babe~ take care~

aileng miao said...

hehe...tis is the legendary wantik who alwys appear in my blog postings~

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