My New Year Fantasy

I know it stupid and childish. But Im fancy-ing if my another half propose to me as this way after seeing this Taiwan singer 楊丞琳Rainie Yang's MV.

Walk me under the starry night ^^*

Surprise me with the sparkling firework stick in the dark.

Then huge fireworks pop up as backdrop of dating venue outa sudden!

Okie... Dont laugh at mee, I am just fantacize, knowing that it could never be a real life romance. Every girls hope to be someone's princess - being treated so extraordinary-ly precious and always showered by loves and cares by the prince who will always paint your life with colors. So do I ><

Daydream session over, time to go on bed. So nite nitezz.....

*** *** ***

Im not a fan of Rainie, but since Im using her images, must share her MV here :p

Ideal Lover 理想情人

by Rainie Yang


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