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Yay~ My Bangkok trip is just around the corner~ Looking forward my dear 26Jan (did I get the right date?)

So today, on behalf of wonwon and wantik, I went out to shop for travel guide. I had Lonely Planet given by bro earlier, he successfully survived in Thailand for one month with this book. But it doesnt seems to be suitable to me.

I was initially picked up a Handy Pack Travel Guide published by Times, then after browsing thru for hours. I have picked up a HK version travel review. Though Im abiit slow reading junk Chinese words after years I've been away from Chinese characters.

Asians travelling style memang vary than Westerns. Westerns are more backpacker-like, the accomodations they stays, the food they have found, the attractions they like... Erm... Not my type neh... Whereby Asians travel guide provides hell lotsa details on great food(slurp), spas(*o*), ladyguys' shows(phew weet~), shopping(!!!), etctec...

So people, now you know how to choose a travel guide? If you wanna go for a packpacker style, go for Eng versions; if you wanna go abiit sophisticated or more enjoyable trip, better if you can read Chinese characters :)

Chinese VS English Travel Guide

And because of the hunt of travel guide, I terspent money again ::sobsob:: I bought this sibeh feminime purple satin top @ Courtyard Collection, Pyramid New Wing. The gorgeos ladyboss claimed that their clothes are mainly in house production, therefore you hardly bump de same clothes on the street. Ya, maybe :)

Front view, dull right?

Dah dang~ I bought it for the sake of this sexy back~ It looks sexy aint it?

Sigh..... I have over spent again. I just spent RM3xx and bought Chanel Compact Powder and Shu Uemura Make Up Base Cream last Satur :"( But at the same time I was sibeh happie that my Isetan Card and Shu Fanatic Card accumulating more and more points~~ ^^* ::arghh I know I know this is modern society point accumulation maniac auntie-like syndrome......::

Coco Chanel would have to reward me as her great fan of using her powder for 3yrs continuosly neh. And Mr. Shu, I love your mousse rather than cream makeup base, but the process of liqufy of your mousse is too fast and I cant afford it. Now forced to change to cream type lor....


wantik said...

yoyo...nice top le...what happened to ur C box?? cant drop message there..shud have check it out :) the date is right..i think we will survive well with the chinese travel guide for 6 nights at bangkok...hahaha...damn looking forward...

aileng miao said...

yay yeah~~~ bangkok bangkok~~ then HK HK~~ den KK KK~~~

Anonymous said...

i wanted to do my CNY shopping too..sob sob..envy @,@

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