miao in party life

Sunday, I slept till 645pm. I woke up and mummy looked at the said "Finally you have wokeup, I though you are died~!!!" =.= ya mummy normally wake me up for Brunch but today she said today I was totally respondless to her so she gave up after afew attempt to wake me up ><

Cocktails @ Sky Bar

Heineken Extra Cold - Its sooooo chilled.

Friends. What the actual definitions of it? What drives the kisses on lips? And.....

I dont want too much of uncertainties, I need somewhere stable. I need someone who able to tie me down...

We have celebrated zi jian's mummy's birthday with a small small cutie Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream Cake. So nice ^^* slurp~

The cutely designed BR Ice Cream Cake in Choco ice cream and choco sponge.

Happie auntie and good boy zi jian featured my miao blog ^^*


Anonymous said...

yoe...i miss our cocktail session..
i had great time at sky bar..so, do u?? =P

aileng miao said...

hehe... ofcuz i wil nvr forget that ultimate cost-saving cocktail testing nite.. ngehehehe.. thnx amber neh~~

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