My Week

I worked, and home, and rest. And it was nice...

miao and Wantik and Alex sama went The Curve, was suppose to shop in Ikea together gether to buy Alex sama's house warming pressie---- A carpet for his working room. But I gotto rush down to KL for ma event. Sigh so we can only ber-Paddington Pancake together lorr...

The sibeh Japanese Maniac Alex ordered TOKYO.

This is mine. Forgotten whats the name, I can only give it 6stars outa 10, cuz the chicken slice is abiit harsh for me, and it doesnt seems marinated enough...

Wantik ordered this. I lurvvveeeee those cheese...

So, Alex sama's TOKYO won among three dishes~~

Yayyy~ Its finally the final of Pourmaster Competition by Jose Cuervo~ Congrat alot alot to Ryan aka Lion, and myself aswell~ Its finally over~~ Received a good secret news from him, and I blessed him from the bottom of my heart :)

Its Alex sama's House Warming cum Gathering for Job Hunt Related Personnels!!

First thing caught my sight when I entered this new habitat---the Black and White Pigs of Jerrei.

And this was the second attractive stuff in the house---the soupylicious steamboat, featured Herbal Soup by Alex sama's mummy.

Star-in-the-pot of the night---the superb sexy seductive Fook Chow fish ball~

I tried so hard to recogn the name of this vegie, but still cant manage to make it... *sigh*

The kawaii twin lamp @ dining hall

Thorn-ish baby cactuses and the peacful clock-not-on-the-wall.

The gorgeos LCD on the wall featured the innocent TV Rack by Ikea. Together with smallie cutie greenish xmas-ish decorations. Messed up by Vern's and lil my phones.

Yip brought us ice cream as the punishment of being late. Yeah Yay alex sama gave me this cookies and choc~~

Phew weet~ Its Public Holiday--Awal Muharam~ I dono whats this season about, but its all about holiday~ I love holidayzzz~

I went for a meet up with Carolyn @ Sunway Pyramid. Waited her hours to pass her uniforms and the greenbooks. I bought some office equipments for my new company. I felt sooo like hatching a baby ^^*

It was too late to go home and come out again to meet up with wantik. I decided to get a not-too-crowded place to sit down for my brunch and to work out my JD invoice.

Friendster Cafe @ Sunway Old Wing, Main Entrance. The only place which has vacant seat for me to online. The friendstercino is good, the carbonara... Abiit salty, but the creaminess level is good. Friendster staffs... Over friendly, makes me abiit uneasie :p

I pui-ed wantik to have her dinner at Lanna @ Bangsar Telawi. It used to be heavenly good but dono what happened it is now as good as previous. Such a waste that we have lose one favourite restaurant.

We shared Pandan Leave Chicken. Not marinated enough, but still okie.

Lanna using extraordinary big fork and spoons.

Pineapple fried rice--not so recommended to order. Coconut Soup--not bad though.

Me and wantik went to Bangsar Village for Bakerzin before start work.

Bakerzin's Mushroom Soup is so similar with the one we tried in Eat Work Shop, Glenmarie. But this is so much nicer with thicker taste and the very very nice soft bread which served hot & soft.

The Pink Souce Beef Penne. Slurp slurp slurp!!!

Ham and Cheese bla bla bla. Slurp level slightly lower than the pasta. But its cheesie enough~

I've got myself a Bakerzin membership upon my last visit. So I signed up wantik as member and we have got a free dessert platter. This aint photogenicc but its just heavenly good for chocolate and ice cream lover~

This is me @ over consumption of food cum bad hair day. But life still goes on, play can never be stopped~

Then this is the night which I lost short term memories after the crazee drinking session with Hann, Edward, wantik, Eugene...


Hangover->Lost communication with outside world as my phone left at Eugene's car and my car overnite infront of Decanter.

Still hanging over->work Tuborg-work JD->forced wantik to be my last min replacemnt @ Bambo9. Thanx wantik ^^*


Well rested day->pui-ed RT for his very very crucial presentation which determines our future->not willing to sleep->blogged till morning....


Anonymous said...

I tried so hard to recogn the name of this vegie, but still cant manage to make it... *sigh* <----- it's called tong ao (da green color) & wong ar bak (yellow-white color)

wantik said...

wow..this anonymous is ahead from me..i thought i wanna tell u the name of tong ao...aiks...anyway..i miss our vouchers to heaven...kekeke....and its great to see u hang over..hahahaha..too bad i can only have my credits twice a month..keke how was ur yum cha session at sat night..keke

Anonymous said...

oho..here come the interesting story..yam ca?? who?? ohoho..

wantik: u must tell me the story one five one ten..i've been left out so many since i'm away..

miao: how come all de food bcum so leng zai in ur pics? u can b de journalist specialise in food ald. then all de rest,cafe & pub gotta pay u for the good comment, n u can get free meals, voucher, disct, membership n bla bla bla..most importantly, can 'dai hip' us..hahaha~

gals: ur food pics killing me..wait, i'l b bek soon..but u gals better beware of ur weight..

aileng miao said...

im soo curious who's this anonymous leeh.. can u tel me who u are?

wantik wantik: our voucher to heaven still left 4more leh.. doncare must finish it else sibeh siddai neh....

amber:: hey u don biased by this evil wantik la. yumcha means yumacha oni maa. i was jz wanna findout my lost memories :p yea my blog eventuali bcum food blog liao. food pics occupied more space than my own space. no more "LOVE.AILENG" but "FOOD.AILENG"

Anonymous said...

你知我係邊個既 :)

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