I love food~

Recently Im craziely craving about food, all sorts of food. My mouth alwys itchy all the time and feellike biting something. Omg Im step by step further to evolve as a fatty gurlie~~~!!!
I went New Way Subang last week with Ching and youyi gang. They were there for karaoke, but I was there for the buffet. I took sooooo much food from the buffet and filled the table, I took my favourite lidako, chawanmushi, salad, corn, thong sui, sushi, cakesssss, etc etc...

Then those guys said "wah u such small size can consume so mucha food?" ermm... Yes I always can, so dont be surprised with my apettite :p
Monday I was keep thinking about food in office untill I cant concentrate on work.
Earlie morning I was thinking about Mc Flurry Cornetto, thinking whether it is nice anot. As I have never try it before.
Noon I started think about desserts. Then I begun to fantasize if Im a tai-tai, i'll have to go for hotel high tea with my jimui, taking soft soft fresh baked bread and cakes surrounding by the aroma of coffee. Such perfect.... ::okie I noe, its time to wakeup::
Luckie I have wantik to be with me, my itchy mouth buddy. So after work, after meeting, we went 1U for Bakerzin to gain maximum weight and maximum satisfactions.

We had Seafood Pizza as our main course. It isnt like the Italian Pizza I used to take, its served on slices in stead of whole round pizza. The base was Danish instead of bread, so its sooooo crispy on every bite. Most importantly, its sooo cheezy, and those shrimp, squid are sooo fresh, Thumbs up ^^*

We finally tried Souffel. The texture is perfect, soft to the max, sadly the we both donlike the taste of Irish cream, it has strong taste of alcohol. So, if you dont like irish coffee, better save your stomac and budget for othrs :)

Deng deng deng deng~ This is our favourite classic signature dish of Bakerzin~ Warm Choc Ice Cream. Its just as nice as usual ^^*

Then we successfully got Bakerzin's Loyalty Card and also some vouchers. Another victory ^^v


Anonymous said...

yee...tat white singlet body was me!!!

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