aileng and her splitted personality

Sorry being so cruel to you, but I really dont feellike talking.

My soul is tired. My soul is getting solid.

You are right, I need someone to be with me...
So lil me do not have to alwys fight alone.
So I would have someone to share about.
So I would have a lighthouse.
So I would be more gentle and girlish.

Yes but I need the right one. Before the meeting with you, I rather just stand in the dark alone.
I am funny that I met the one who closed to ideal but I withdrawn it from my life. Then I'v been repeating I wanna meet someone same as the past ones.

Dont talk to me when I dont wish to talk, I'll bite.
Dont judge me with norms, preconception annoying me.

When Im being emo, dont misunderstood that Im being negative.
Im alwys having negative emotions, but Im still thinking positively.
And I know, Im so much blessed than alot othrs do.
. . . I love myself . . .


emily @ shinyshampoo said...


your blog so emo... and you update so often neh~~ hehe~

added you also le~~

Anonymous said...

you sounded emo... take care ok?

wantik said...

aileng the emo queen...seeing how ur new hp treated u...nowonder u gotta be like that..

Anonymous said...

Emo is nothing, but happily emo always. Past has past nothing can be replace in order look for a better 1.

Unknown said...

emo is good,it make me feel i still a human!!but to emo will effect ur friend too(friend really care about u)nekojun +u+u (life is hard but it full of mircale too)

aileng miao said...

emily:: i hardworkin ma. good student must complete homework everyday~ sumbody got her pay liao, gotto belanja makan :wink wink:

eric:: u noe im alwys okie =)

wantik:: sob sob.... anoooo....

evrybody:: im emo but im still remain cheerful~~

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