Sunshine ^^*

I had a lil surprize last week, during my office hour. It was creative and really brightened up my dull day ^^*

Thnx for observing my need list and really tried to fulfil it when Im having tough time. I like those lil lil cute cute stuff alot alot. And I smiled from the bottom of my heart for the hearty feelings. I was appreciate that god granted me such a cute friend :)

He said...
"As per ur need list on your blog, had set out to hunt for your need list! I hope all these little little things will cheer up your day =)"

And evry little thing has it's meaning according to my stated needs...
Many Many Luckie Stars are for endless luck.
Many Many Loves hoping me can recover from lost feeling of love.
And I got some Ice Cream and being brought to Funfair, to recharged with excitement + vacation.
Then I had Shopping as well, I had Shoes, Bags, etc.
Last but not least, as per my dream to get marry in a church of Milan, I had Wedding Gown + Ring.

I didnt get his permission before posting and quoting his words :p

Thanks for the lil caring given. And Im realli appreciated that having a hearty fren like u. Cheers =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunshine :)

wantik said...

those lil things was really shining in the office

aileng miao said...

twinkle twinkle lil stars....

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