Im suppose to have an interview/briefing session for 2 girls 8pm at kl. Sadly one of them ffk and left only Alice. So RT decided to cancel the session, pity Alice. She was oledi on her way. My apology...

I hate those girls giving me non sense excues. 6pm+ I was rushing to prepare for the briefing session, she text me and say "sorry I cant go, personal problem" I hate this word, PERSONAL PROBLEM. But still, I replied with full of patience, just because I don wanna ffk Alice n RT.

"So do u still wan your job?" I was such a goddess aint me? But she NO REPLY. I have decided, BLACKLIST.

Sooo... I had a super duper slumber night. Surf for nonsense whole night. Im happie that Im being so free and easie, yet soo upset that I dint replace Jolene to work togehter with wantik... I miss those time when I work with her without pressure. I miss those time I work. If theres choice, I prefer WORK MYSELF than what Im curently doing.

Most of them out there thought Im earning big bucks with my position. Dear girls, Im not. I earned atleast 70% lesser than u girls. And I bear so much more. So... please appreciate what you all having now, there are so much more people outthere still working parttime which only paying RM5/hour isnt it...?

This is an outdated posting which I didnt get to post it last nite due to server problem. And today I lost the mood to continue the story, so.... just stop here ^^*


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