Demotivated . Demoralized . Disheartened

Its been raining these few days.

So much demotivated this month with my job. Too frust to excuses, too much dissapointments. 15k of Credit Note... What am I suppose to do....?

Its so freezing right now with the pouring rain. I miss my bed, my blanket, my pillow...

"I have seen too much defeatism, too much pessimism, too much of a negative approach. Which destructing me"

moon's neko, chuchu. so cute ^^*


Anonymous said...

wish tomorrow have go weather

Anonymous said...

A nice holiday cruise have blast and left only this man which survive from the tragedic.Unconciousnly, he survive and on lay on the shore.

After he wake up, he realise that, he is the only man in the island.
So he have to look for food,
every day he will climb up to the coconut tree, and plug some coconut for his meal.

On top he will take some tree branches to make a house.Everytime
when he climb up to the tree, he hope 1day, a ship will notice him and bring him back to his home.
Unfortunately no.

So 1 day while he climb up to the coconut tree, he saw his house is burning, so he quickly get down and save the house. Unfortunately
he also faint while saving the house because too much of bad gas that he brief.

When he wake up, he realise that he's in the hospital. So he asked the nurse how come he is here? The nurse answer "because a helicopter pass by the island and saw your house is on fire and smoke so they quickly come and save u. So now u are here."

This story to tell u, when ever u think is bad, actually a good situation is coming but late only.
Be positive.

Anonymous said...

nvm...spending & shopping will make u feel better, that's what i usually do when i feel bad..hahaha..
so, let's go shopping (we done), let's have fun (we done)..yeah ^^v..
jia you..
*PS: i sibeh guilty after back frm Hartamas ytd..sob sob..

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