Mc Flurry Cornetto

Im gaining weight day by day. Today I tried the new Mc Flurry Cornetto... Satisfied =)

I went to see doctor yesterday to find out about my illness of always getting dizzy and hardly breath. He told me my blood circulation not good. So he gave me Neurovit (Vitamin B), Gincare (Ginkgo Biloba Extract), and anothr Im not too sure whether its stemefil or stemetil.

I felt that the doc didnt take my illness seriously.

I checked with my Biomedician, to find out what are these pils for and these are my outcome.

Vitamin B - Cell Metabolism.
Ginkgo Biloba - Forgotten, but if not mistaken it can help to improve the blood flow to my brain. (so it helps to my aftr-lunch-sleepie decease?)
Stemefil/Stemetil(?) - For Nausea and vomiting, psychosis (I was like "What? Psychosis?!!!" when I heard that). And its causing drowsiness after consume according to doc.

After his explaination, I took these pils once.


Unknown said...

that mc flurry cornetto look very nice,nekojun try too control ur weight ohh!i not hope too see a fat nekojun stand in front my sign@_^ and takecare ur health!!

aileng miao said...

its neko chan~~~~~~~~ ><

wantik said...

those medicine sibeh yeng..ei..try to take the thompson ginko essence..mayb it helps

aileng miao said...

i don wanna get recover~ so i can evrymnth go visit the doc n take de same medicine n get mc~ kekekeke

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