aileng and her wasted sunday

I've slept thru my sunday and there goes my dearest weekend. Such a waste.

I played thru my Saturday nite and straight go for shooting witout sleep. :: apology to ahleong, that I cant do well during the photo session, i was jz too tired... ::

Luckily he said the mood is there. Yea the mood was there but the model wasnt good looking enough. Sleepy face, tired skin, and most importantly, I miss my fringe......

i have been missing my long fringe

Then I went back home and sleep. Then wokeup was already 10pm+. sigh... I felt that I wasted my dear weekend... But even though I slept whole day, dono why Im still very very very sleepie now. But nomatter how sleepie, must blog abiit ><

I had received a cute cute sunshine last week, happie ^^*


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