The Return of Bimbobum Neko Hime

It was quite the surprised to know that people actually care about my bimbo-life.


"You didn't go for shopping lately? How come have never seen you post your shopping victories?"

"You stopped doing nail art already?"

"Where you shop lately? Any boutique to recommend?"

"Yoh your blog getting more and more dull lor oookieee."





Yes I really never shop much lately, reason one is because I'm busy spending time with my baby and sacrificing my biggest interest of life.

Reason two, I'm broke. Apparently I'm not doing much work recently and I'm spending off my very precious-very-little savings. Therefore I don't really want my account figure to reach the bottom.

And reason three is... I didn't really see things that I like. I'm still doing mani-pedicure. For some reason I just hardly get something that I really bother to blog about it.



I think my manicure that I've done before my Bali trip is my last and latest favourite lor.


Yes lah I did some shopping lately. A very very minor ones. That day was just passed by and noticed that is a new small little boutique opened at Hartamas, few doors from Uncle Don former address.

It's indeed a very very small boutique. Not much choices. But I manage to mine some gems from there.


 Blk Dress

A piece of black dress, I have no idea how to name it. But I like it cute and it's very very nice to wear, RM50+- is definitely a good buy :) Ever since that I've begun putting on weight, I have to say bye bye to body hugging or fitting clothes reluctantly and have a wardrobe replacement of slacky loose clothes T_____T



This is not a dress, it suppose to be a top due to the very high split on both sides - RM65. I'm still figuring out what's the matching bottom.


LOL What happened why recently all nice clothes are either black or red? Christmas is over ain't it?


A pair of Turquoise leisure flats - ooooo I've finally seen something summer from the gloomy doomy winter trend. RM42.



For your information - Art D Fashion, Desa Sri Hartamas.



Shopping revived meeeee. Allelujah, I found my lights of life.


Oh food! I wanna talk about food too!

Lwin brought me to Chilly Pan Mee at Sunway Kota Damansara - Restaurant Super Kitchen, which I'm not sure if it's the original recipe from the founder of Chilly Pan Mee located at Chow Kit (named Kin Kin Pan Mee or something), or maybe just another copycat.

But I was enlightened to discover this restaurant. Forgive me if I offended any die hard fan of the founder, because I have been not visiting for YEARS and I've totally forgotten how's the genuine taste of it suppose to be.


It has the very same egg and minced meat and ikan billis that I likey. And it tastes just hot and spicy delicious as if how it suppose to be. Oh yea and the yummy veggie soup that I likey.


The same chilly that can numb my taste bud.


And I probably like this place better for it's cleaner brighter ambience, more cooling, no long queue.


For those who can tell the difference, please check it out and lemme know if it's a copycat. Map HERE.

Source of info HERE.


It's something random but I can't help to post it. I went to a pet shop next to Taman Megah Ming Tien Food Court.


My favourite animal on the earth. Isn't it looks Siberian miaoz?


Love a Lot said...

where did u get that black top? Super loving it!!!

maybe can pair with a shorts??

aileng miao said...

Yea I've got everything from the same boutique in hartamas, art d fashion :)

yeeWen said...

yoh..u did shopping sendiri and din ajak me...i know u will say u just passed by or im working maa..anyway..jealous lor!!!i like ur dress!!!

alvin24 said...

My twisties cuter... =p

Anonymous said...

nice nail art..
wah, yuan lai so many ppl curious n care abt ur 'fancy' lifestyle de..
i mean ur shopping's victories n stuffs..
then u ma sort of the guru of fashion for many ppl outhere?
fashion icon nya~ =P

i tell u one secret..i'm one of ur fansi too~

aileng miao said...

wonwon:: u and ryan don always hide at home. go out more then u'll same passing by lotsa places and get some victories lor :)

Lwin:: twisties is fatty cute. siberian miaoz is cool cute~

amber:: walaaooo sounds so yeng. but it's just gepoh symptoms okiee...

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