Nothing but Random

I spent my day sleeping and eating and reading New Moon.The story gets a bit boring with the absence of Edward. I know he will return, just dont know when, and Im eagerly flipping thru the page scanning his name in words. Quite the stupid.

Four more hours I will be having an interview. Not too sure what Im feeling right now. Abit the panic for the lack of preparation. Abit the lazy. Abit the looking forward. And lotsa lotsa I dont know what I want.

But I know that I WANT to get the job, and then to start a new, normal life :)

I miss my favourite season of the year, Christmas.


Just as every year, we exchanged Christmas present.


I've got wantik's Shopping Voucher for Top Shop, Wantik has got wonwon's miniature perfume of Ralph Lauren Romance. Wonwon has got my blackie sequined clutch.


My baby completed my Twilight Series of Stephenie Meyer.


But he has found his new love over the weekend. I felt abandoned. Sour sour sour.

Found a nicey song from Jni's blog.

The Show
by Lenka

*Verse 1
I'm just a little bit
caught in the middle
Life is a maze
and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go
I can't do it alone
(I've tried)
and I don't know why*

Slow it down
make it stop
or else my heart is going to pop
'cuz it's too much
Yeah, it's a lot
to be something I'm not

I'm a fool
out of love
'cuz I just can't get enough

Repeat *Verse 1*
*Verse 2
I am just a little girl
lost in the moment
I'm so scared
but don't show it
I can't figure it out
it's bringing me down
I know
I've got to let it go
and just enjoy the show*

The sun is hot
in the sky
just like a giant spotlight
The people follow the sign
and synchronize in time
It's a joke
Nobody knows
they've got a ticket to that show

Repeat *Verse 1*
Repeat *Verse 2*

oh oh
Just enjoy the show
oh oh

Repeat *Verse 1*
Repeat *Verse 2*

dum de dum
dudum de dum

Just enjoy the show

dum de dum
dudum de dum

Just enjoy the show

I want my money back
I want my money back
I want my money back
Just enjoy the show

I want my money back
I want my money back
I want my money back
Just enjoy the show


Love a Lot said...

next year add me in also for xmas pressie exchange can ah?

alvin24 said...

eh... the x'mas card INSIDE supposed to be for your eyes only lah!

Wanna show also show the outside only la... show people my snowman!

aileng miao said...

penny:: can can can. Im sure u'll be buying pressie that i likey *hehe*

Lwin:: but but but... I wanna show off ma *proud*

alvin24 said...

cannot.... next time i dowan to write anything inside adi, i just sign and give u the card.

aileng miao said...

Lwin:: hurh??!!! cannot!!! okie la since u donlike it, nxt time i nvr mention u or anything to u in my blog liao lorrrr........ as if im not attached.

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