This is how I spent my weekend. No drinking, no party.


This is the reason why, is CNY @ BMW. I was there Saturday and Sunday as an usher.


Meet my working partner in crime - Davina. The Chinese girl who has fairest skin tone I've ever met. Also my dearie working mate in MPE :)


People from the event company :)


Sales Advisors from Auto Bavaria ^^*


We worked hard for this event.


We have given out these door gifts to the guests.


OUR Registration Counter.


We painted our DIY fans prepared at the kids' section.


Davina and her Plum Flower Fan.


Us and our arty farty work. Check out my kindergarten style drawings.


There was this Tea Appreciation Talk during the event too.


Tea sets that I likey. Upper set to boil higher temperature for black tea. Lower set to boil lower temperature for green tea.


We love the tea. Chinese and Japanese Green Tea are so different!


Not to forget to mention, I want this ride~ Oh my birthday coming soon #2


I wanna take it home............ If Im allowed to...........


For the Full Picture Album, this way please...... CLICK


kevinpnp said...

That's a nice Beamer. Davina really got talent with her painting.

aileng miao said...

yea she's great~ but... mine not nice mea....? T____T

Love a Lot said...

Hey Miao... how's ur interview?

aileng miao said...

hmmm.... so far not so satisfying lor... now taking things slow and keep on slumbering like no tmr... *swt*

kevinpnp said...

Sorry about that... Cause in the picture, you look better than what you draw. So I was focusing on your face rather than the fan. Sorry....

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