Reebok Pump Omni Lite Kanae

I'm not exactly a street person, but these are just sooooooooooooooooooo irresistibly cutieeee...


RBK Omni Lite Blue

The Reebok x Kanae | Pump Omni Lite 350 (Blue)


Detail Blue

The furry ones.


RBK Omni Lite White

White is cool too *v*


Detail White

It's reminded me about the Nike Low Dunk 3-Baby Bear Pack released at the end of 2006. 


Nike Dunk Low Baby Bear Blue Nike Dunk Low Baby Bear Grey Nike Dunk Low Baby Bear Yellow  (Image Source HERE)

Nike's another attempt to drain the fans' wallet.


Oh by the way my birthday coming soon *winkwink*


kevinpnp said...

Last time promised to make snowman for you, but there's no snow there.... Sorry....

Anonymous said...

ohh..okieee....i got ur hint..
we wil buy tis as ur bday present tis yr.. as u wanted it sooooo much..

alvin24 said...

eh... damn ugly la... =(

Anonymous said...

but but..ur baby said they are soooooooooooo cute wor...

and she is sooooooo keen to have one wit the note: "Oh by the way my birthday coming soon *winkwink*"

me n oth mickey mouse wil definitely buy tis for her bdy pressie..
make her swt to the max -.-||

aileng miao said...

amber:: yeap plz get it for meeeee. if u can get it. 360 pairs globally onii laaa. muahaaahaaa~

Lwin: cute leh.... furry furry liddat *v*

kevinpnp: hurrh why was it no snow??

alvin24 said...

damn ugly laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

if she wear this go out she confirm kena awarded 'ah-lian of the year'. =p

This is one of those nice to see, but nobody actually wears them out!

aileng miao said...

Lwin:: hmmmmmpp i dono why i always inlove with ugly stuff >____<

Anonymous said...

like tat one arr.. ciu~ not fun one..
tot of get tis for u..
force u to wear it to hang out wit us n Alvin tim..aih~

alvin24 said...

lolz... later aileng kena laugh at ler... =p LoLz...

aileng miao said...

nope nope. kids will run over n say "bear bear shoes, so cutie~" n then try to cuddle it :p

so amber hor, im looking forward my pressie that u've promised laaa

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