Everyone Loves Twisties

These are Twisties.

Twisties Junk Food


- Twisties are one of the most popular snack foods in Australia. Smith's claims it to be the "number one extruded snack brand" - by Wikipedia, or more HERE.


Some people just love Twisties too much and they even turn themselves as Twisties.

twistiesmen ii


And people wouldn't even surprised seeing man-sized Twisties walking down the street.

Twisties Outdoor


It shows that how power Twisties penetrates into human society and how high acceptance people has towards Twisties as part of their life.


Meet Twisties in neko (cat . miao) form.



Twisties is an ego fatty miao with fluffy hair.


It's interesting to find out that, usually the fatter a miao is, the more ego it is. Just as Twisties, and also the world famous Garfiled.



Or maybe the fella just too lazy to move nor to entertain.



Why is Twisties a Twisties?

Because Twisties' body print appeared to be whirling in stead of the most commonly seen vertical print.


And therefore Twisties is Twisties for it's twisting whirling print. Check out the white spot at the end of it's tail, one of Twisties' significant print :)


Let's clap and thanks for Twisties special appearance here. Also special credit to Twisties' slave - Lwin. *clap clap clap*


alvin24 said...

Dun forget its also called Fat Tail Cat! LoL... =)

aileng miao said...

its a fatty BIG tail cat~~

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