Good bye Compaq aka OO

My laptop kena stolen at Low Yat car park this Tuesday... The sinful thief broken my car windows and took my beloved. I lost my best partner of life, and lost all my memories too, which I cant retrieve it no matter how much I spent...

Takziah to my dear Compaq aka OO...

Therefore Im having problem making my blog nice recently.
Therefore Im broke and don even have enuf money to buy anothr laptop.
Why im so broke cuz I went Low Yat tat day to sell off my dear N70, exchanged it with my new love Sony Ericson K850i. N there goes my laptop while Im spent RM2k+ for the handphone.

After my crazy spent session, I went down carpark with amber and my sis. I saw lotsa guards surrounding my car, I was wondering "yea my son reali tat lengchai?" Then I was almost fainted seeing my laptop stolen. My heart broke into pieces like my car window. I stoned and suddenly, I dono how2 handle the situation.

Carpark securities are useless, police too. Sorry that I have to say that, cuz the way they handled my case was awfully dissapointing. I noe i noe the possibilities of getting back my laptop is sooooooo low. But atleast try ma. They promised, but ended up pushing the burden from one to anthr, delaying like we have thousands yrs of life. Yet not even able to check out cctv record for me.

Thats Malaysian's style. Securities are only for u to FEEL SECURE, not to secure u. Bear ur own risks on ur own shoulder. CCTVs are jz part of the mechanicz to secure u mentally, no actual usage.

...I have succesfully made nobody worry, but Im still at where I am...
Till the rain stop, I'll stand still with my spirit


Anonymous said...

Looks Tough but in fact She Needs to be Pampered's Ai Leng,

I know that you can be tough as how outsiders have seen you..but you just don't need to be that..gals given de right to be weak & to be pampered..
this is one of my believing but it doesn't seems to be practicable on us.. too sad, huhhhuhh (cry)..come, we hug tgth & pity each oth..haha..

Ohla ohla..some said that when you have reached the very downturn or bad things to the max then the great things are on their way approaching you and will get to you very soon..(BELIEVE IT!!) =P

I was there with you that day and i have experienced how msian security guards & police performed. Strongly agreed with your "securities are only for you to feel secure"..this is funny but it is truth..

And lastly, stupid leng, don't always act tough, u need not to be that..bcox u are one of the fallen angel that deserved to be pampered ^^

Anonymous said...

don be sad ya..

Cageon said...

你的朋友說得沒錯...你有時實在是過於裝做堅強了...小心噢, 太過火的話就會連你自己也分不清楚到底那個是真正的自己了. 我不要在你的傷口上撒鹽了, 我自己也曾經失去過保存了很久很珍貴的事物, 身同感受..像你說的, 發生了就算吧, 反正也不能再挽回什麼了, 只要心裡永遠保存著曾經美好的回憶, 這就足夠了.

p/s: 話說回來, 你真是越來越衰的樣子 =.=" 不過正所謂 '山窮水盡疑無路, 柳暗花明又一村' 你的運氣一定會好起來的!! 不過還是求求你, 自己小心點, 不要再發生些什麼不好的事情了好嗎?

Unknown said...

patience is the only thing i can tell u.great lost come with great gain.2day ur lost 2morrow ur get,this is the thing i always believe!!!this world is very fair !!(i know the thing i tell u are a little bit out already but i really mean it)and dont show me this simbol ==||| after ur read this comment!!!

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