Newly discovered dangerous spot in town - The Curve Weekend Flea Market.

Easily burnt a few holes in my pocket more than once.


FleaMkt Autumn is coming and I am still into summer, aftermath of too many Japanese fashion magazines.


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My brother cum boss' wedding on last Saturday, 26th September 09.

Too busy to take pictures, and I have been missing my dearly camera a lot a lot. Such a waste for my beloved dress from Warehouse, One Utama.


HairI do miss my long hair sometimes, but so far so comfy with the freshness of short hair. Still enjoying :)



HuawerNot ready to leave. Just, yet.


yeeWen said...

what mean by not ready to leave?

yoon see said...

Wow! You have spotted great stuff Aileng!
We are ladies, we all love pretty things right!

amber said...

how do you do that hair?? teach me teach me (though i'm still pretty much in short hair now).. so leng & so sweet leh..
it looks like cincaily do hair in fact it's not..
you are a guru in DIY hair do neh..yeng~

aileng miao said...

not ready to leave what Im in now lor :)


that one very easie oniii, got chance i slowly teach u, short hair as long as can tie as a pony tail will do~

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