Short Hair


Meet my new short hazelnut bob :)


Hello weekend!


Ken Wooi said...

sweet =)


Catherine said...

comparing the photo , i think u look younger with short hair. :)

amber said...

wai yoh.. dian sei yan lo..
wanna be tat sweet meh..
short hair actually make ur hair looks more volumme..

yeeWen said...

it actually made u look mature..but these photos made u look sweet..

aileng miao said...


some said i look elder some said like small girl, im not sure about this >.<

yea short hair memang alot more volume than long hair, didnt u notice it when u chop urs too?

the power of webcam ^^

Irenelim said...

You are as sweet as before! I just had my hair done at Miko also. :)

ambeer said...

yes, i did..
but i'm memang having thick & volume hair all the time ma..
just look abit thicker than usual..

cavin-w said...

short hair looks great on u :D

Cassandra said...

So much neater now! Nice =)

aileng miao said...


emily @ shinyshampoo said...

nice hair miao~

love it.. i wish i can have it too~

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