Better than the best

It's good to make a turning point.

Even better to be able to settle at where you were, as who you were, as how you did.


I'm feeling blessed, because nothing has changed, till then, till the time has come.


miao, safe and sound and peace ♥


12102009121Meet my not-exactly very new Nokia N97 whitey, zillions thanks to my bosses aka daddy and brother for the uber-generous budget company phone

Nothing much to highlight about it's functions, another good N series I would say? (fine I am never a gadget person) I am totally enjoy using it and hey, recent photos are all taken by it, judge with your own eyes for the picture quality :)


Dragon City said...

ohh.. I tot it was about new hair cut..hehe

aileng miao said...

its a mixture of everything :)

yoon see said...

I like your new hair style aileng. To leave an unque impression, we need to change our image more frequently.
This way, when people see us, there are new comversation sparked and also more attention given.
That's from my experience.
How fun to take photographs to witness the different style for profile pictures.

Ken Wooi said...

nice pictures =)


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