Sweet Sensations

Finally, it's tomorrow.

After all the endless longing to overwhelming emo that merely kills to making up all sorts of nonsenses in mind to the finally 10th. I would have dance in cheer and yield for excitement and singing it's over it's over I made it, I thought.

Eighteen hours more to go. I am in my cold feet, terrified by the sense of deja vu. Too similar. Like the joke god just flick opened a page of my life archive and re-play it, and then being amused seeing me being same old lost encountering the same old scene.

My fault, never grow from lessons.

*** *** ***

Two weekends of alcohol overdosed.

Two weeks massive feed of happy food.

Can't help if you are not seeing someone real.


. Those happy foods .


Mango Sai Mai Lo

05102009093Tong Yuen in Ginger Soup, it keeps your heart warm, for a while.

05102009092Mango Cheong Fun. Surprisingly, it is good, when mango is sweet syrup is thick and the rice noodle sheet is thin.



Was staring at this photo for good few minutes and couldn't recall the name.


If these made you starve or crave, they are all from Hong Kong Dessert 甜品哥哥 @ Kepong.




My love-hate Japanese Chocolates.

ChocoBourbon Choco Dutsumi - soft chocolate flavoured mochi wrapped dark chocolate. Can you resist it?

CuppyCakeCheapo version of Cupcakes. Where I found smiley faces, hearts and rainbows.


Yvonne said...

omg at first i thought i clicked onto your twitter (because of the blogskin) it's cute! && reading through this post makes me hungry, aww .

Anonymous said...

the mango cheong fun looks tempting..*yummy*

aileng miao said...

those are reeeeeeeeeeeeally nice food, try it if u guys have the opportunity okiee :)

Spicy Sharon said...

Ahhhh Yummy!!!!!
Not to mention that I am "Crazy starving" right now...
Love Hong Kong cuisines =)
The cupcakes from the same place as well?

aileng miao said...

the desserts are all from the same place. the cupcakes i simply got it from some night market, nice to see only :p n the chocolates are from cold storage

amber said...

lan sweet.. cheh =p

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