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My red hot bed sheet, bright, and appetizing.

Suddenly I am craving for wine and cheese and dark chocolate.


hoegaarden copyMy recent addiction towards Hoegaarden on tap (it has to be fresh from the tap!) for it's sweetness and creamy creaminess.

Hoegaarden 2 full pints for RM50 promotion found at Solaris Mont Kiara - Karl's Beisl (I hoped I get the name right), right next to Haagen-Dazs.



Folk Boho top and belt from my shop-till-drop Bangkok trip.

Cage Black Heels from Nice Fit, Kota Damansara.

My favourite type of attire in recent times. So comfortable, I couldn't quite resist from that kind of soft light comfy fabrics.


Unknown said...

Caged heels! Been hunting for a pair since forever :P

Patricia*Pat PAT said...

the bed sheet same with mine...Ikea!

aileng miao said...

omg! u bought the same red and roundish too!!

Ken Wooi said...

lovely outfit =)


Patricia*Pat PAT said...

yes...i have the same one^^

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