Snip Snip

DroppedhairAfter a year of should I shouldn't I, finally made up my mind...













Good bye my mermaid hair. After almost forever.


ShorthairSurprisingly I wasn't too reluctant with those snapped hair.

Everything expires. Nothing lasts forever. 


amber said...

wow wow wow..WOW..
good..finally, u did it..
so fresh, so different..
u look much more mature now n less cutieness frm the outside..
inside? still as sweet as ever..

aileng miao said...

anoano i've been worrying if im gonna look childish with short hair, im glad tat it doesnt happen~ :)

Patricia*Pat PAT said...

W.H.Y??! u cut your hair??

Irenelim said...

Don't worry, you look nice. And... in one year's time you can have your long hair back. :)

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