It's Biscuit Can's Birthday~~

An outdated post, happened on 8.11.08. A wonderful Saturday night at not so wonderful Maison Heritage. Uh um it was Biscuit Can's birthday celebration~

♥ Velvet before Maison ♥

Esther . Winnie . miaoz ♥ muah Koh Samui kaki.

Lvin da Cwid

♥ Underage Heaven . Maison Heritage ♥

Biscuit Can's Birthday celebration undoubtedly became the largest birthday celebration of the year. Im not really sure how in the world they manage to invite sooooo much friends and whoever and lotsa strange faces who I've never seen and throughout the night, Im not sure who's in our group and who's not.

Anywayz, the party was onszz. Happie burfday to Mr. Joseph da Biscuit Can ^^*

Girls who I known.

Couple who I known.

Cutie yummy looking birthday cake.

Creamy face painting.

Creamy face smashing. Oh my... Stop wasting food. Love the foodz.

A big big compliment to Biscuit Can of being such a sport~

Hing tai-ism.

Toughest ever wash-over.

And then back in action!

Act cute session.

Act sweet session.

Sissy Guysss.

Weird picz session.

Sensually Eroticz knnwtf.

Yengz vs Cute.

Together gether ^^*


Love a Lot said...

Wonwon like blur blur d...

aileng miao said...

huhuu wonwon blur maximus all time nia :p

yeeWen said...

who is the love a lot bear?

wantik said...

so bad those pics is without me...sigh :(

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