Bali Trip . Day 02

Yeapz yeapz I am back~ I mean I am FINALLY BACK!!

Four days three nights trip in Bali was reeeeeeeeeally rejuvenating. Awww I cant wait for my next trip to Koh Samui in the end of January 2009. Weeeeeee~~

First day of Bali trip, we reached Bali quite late becuase Airasia do not have earlie flight for Bali. 8pm+ only we manage to check in our hotel. The pictures of day 1 are pretty much our chicky club hoping picz, just because that was Saturday night heapzzz ^^*

Therefore I decided to blog about day 2 in prior - our sight seeing day :)

We hired a local tour guide with a price of about RM150 for three persons thru the hotel arrangement. Yea so we have got our transportation and everything solved. Yeapz money cuts all hassles.

Our blurry kick start of the day after a night full of party till sun raised.

So much heard about the very local Babi Guling in Bali. We have requested our Mr. Tour Guide to bring us there :)

Ta da~ This is the very famous must-try Babi Guling (Suckling Pig). I dont really take intestine but no doubt the crispy suckling pig is really tasty :)

The very classic Coca Cola bottle.

Us and the Babi Gulings.

We have fully recharged and ready for the rest of the day after mummumz. Bali is amazingly full of beautiful scenery, from the most happening commercial scene to the greeniest evergreen RiceFields and also fantastic beaches.

♥ On our way ♥

According to Mr. Tour Guide, a lot of wealthy westerns bought the countryside land and built their very uniquely designed villas for annual winter escape.

Padi Teres (Terracing Rice Field).

♥ Tanah Lot ♥

Unlike the main land which is mainly Muslims, Bali has it's own uniqueness of Hinduism. Tanah Lot (means the island to the south) is a Hindu Temple that dramatically built in the very strong-wave ocean.

Besides the worshipping and sightseeing purposes, Tanah Lot also offered shopping. It's selling everything here from household to attire and even food. Same as everywhere else in Bali, bargain skills are required, you can easily bargain up to at least half of the offered price.

The Market Place.

Omg I saw Mr. Bat aka Batman hanging himself upside-down in the market. Its pretty much looks like a ugly evil-like mice with wings.

Real entrance to the temple.

The Garden.

The Statue.

Errr.... What's this suppose to be? A cliff??

So now Im on the cliff (?), shooting to the temple in the ocean.

And this is us.

We soaked our hands with Sacred Water and then donated, for luck.

The holy huawer and holy rice on forehead for the sibeh holy prayers.

The holy snake of the temple, touch it and donate, for luck.

The holy ducks wtf. (Okie since everything there seems to be named as initiated with holy) I never know that ducks swim in salt water too.

The crystal clear water.

The splashy.

The prayer.

Temple + Tourists + Tour Guide = Tourist Attraction.

The solution of avoiding sun tan - wrap all over with batik.

The huawet lover and her victory huawers.

♥ Uluwatu Temple ♥

One of the most important temple in Bali majestically built on the edge of cliff that balancing and guarding Bali island. Ulu means "land's end" and Watu means "rock".

Everybody are required to put on sarung before entering the temple.

There's monkeys here and there along the way and tried to snatch your necklace, hat, bag etc. This is a pair of monkey couple scratching/grooming each other lovingly

The ancient wall.

I hardly imagine hows the interior of the temple as it's only open for ceremonies.

Chicken run in the drain of temple.

Steep cliff and strong wave impressions taken from the north and the west. omg can you imagine how much I walked??

We stopped at this point to watch the sunset. Breathtaking view on the cliff. Okie it's abit scary I have to say.

Us scared of the height =.=""

Us romantically watching sunset together.

The sunset.

He watches us watching sunset.

This is my first time ever watching sunset, I think. And I noticed that watching sunset aint the most romantic thing in stead is to mummum at Jimbaran Beach :)

There are total of 24 seafood restaurants line up along Jimbaran Beach and we have chosen Ganesha.

The romantic beachside restaurants.

miaoz in the romantic mood while dinner-ing accompanied by live accoustic band.

Table full of grilled seafood.

This is not the tasties meal we had in Bali, but the ambience worth it all.

Kasir Counter of the restaurant. Guess what, this meal costs almost a hundred each person. Anywayz as the seafood are go by weight, I believed it would be alot cheaper being shared by more people.

Before we call it a day, we went for a walk along Kuta Beach and ended up brought back some supper omg...

I miss Indo-mee in cup...


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