Wonwon turned 25th

This is like the most most most most memorable birthday celebration I’ve ever had. That kind of celebration which I dreamt to have one for myself but since it has never come true I’m proud/pleased for making it success for wonwon


Extreme sophisticated girly birthday princess is the theme of the day. We rented a unit in Impiana Hotel & Spa. The room is okie, clean and cosy and comfortable. Nice bathroom nice bathrobe nice bed & pillow nice curtain great hospitality, definitely worth for the rate of RM3xx, the only cons is that a construction was going on amidst the supposedly very posh city view but nevermind we just ignore that particular angle will do.


This is the room. Very simple and yes lah the TV is so siah sui but never mind also, we weren’t there to watch TV ain’t it?



wantik and I actually spent efforts to check in prior before picking up wonwon in order to put up some minimal decorations in the room.

In stead of giving her a big “oh” and “wow” surprise, she gave us a big “swt” speechless. She didn’t notice that we skipped the fuss of check-in, and the decorations in the room, until we made some hints wtf.

She stared at the birthday princess sash tied around the pillow and doubted if it’s courtesy from the hotel fml.


Ended up the “big surprise” turned into a big laugh anyway that’s how the party started.


After a series of bed rolling and munching activities we finally pull our arse off the warm bed and hit the infinity pool.


See, just ignore that particular angle where constructions going on it’s still having good nice view ain’t it?

 Poolside 2

Poolside boozing.

CHOYA with honey is quite the too sweet.


Poolside 3



Surprise appearance of Meeyee, presenting a cute little green tea cake by RT Bakery, and sparkling candles from Party World which don’t spark fml.

In the initial plan we actually wanted to make it poolside but funny thing is it’s too windy the candles straight away blown off once we stepped out to the pool area.


Plan B – made it at the pool bar. Thank god there’s this pool bar facility.

Poolbar 2

Shamelessly cam-whored at the pool bar, ignored all the curious guests around, ignored the regulation that one room sleeps maximum two persons.


Shifted back to poolside to make it more likely a pool party.

wonwon’s birthday was celebrated by people from everywhere of the world. We shared the cake with every guests who happen to hang around the poolside and made wonwon’s birthday celebrated and cherished by people around the world. How lovely~



And then we went sai-bak-bak (bath), ban-leng-leng (dress up). And then it’s dinner time woot woot!!


Look at the cute puffer fish logo and there is no need to introduce, it’s Hajime~


Hajime 4 Hajime 5Hajime 6 Hajime 7

Nom nom the yummie-ness. I love every dish of that night *drool to the pictures*


Something grilled prawn with fish roe and mayonnaise – my favourite of the night.

It’s the nicest prawn I’ve ever had despite that live prawn I had in HK lor.



What’s a birthday party without party?

Final part of the celebration, we brought the birthday princess to Velvet Underground.

Meeyee is back with us again!

Too bad I do not know how to make a beauty pageant speech otherwise I would love to caption a few lines for this pic.




Four girls plus a featured guest down a full bottle of Balck Label + 1/5 of Henessy. Unbelievable. 




Signing off, more pictures from Meeyee’s FB and wonwon’s FB.


♥ Special long distance note to another mickey mouses member ♥

Be back soon, we shall have another girlish celebration for your belated birthday + h*n’s night.



amber said...

Impiana Hotel should pay u some advertorial fee for this..

who is the mystery guest huhh?
the best "mice" on earth i can have are you gals..that yall didn't forget abt me while yall were having fun..

but i don't deserve the belated party nia.. i wasn't there to celebrate each of ur bday..

but i'm looking forward to which of us will be the 1st one to hav tat special night party.. hehehe..

aileng miao said...

not mystery guest la, just thung pui popped by awhile only that made him the featured guest :)

that special party? u've gotto be the first one lor who else??

amber said...

nonono.. mine just not yet..
i think u will be the 1st to go..

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