Fake Short Fringe

*vain picx warning*

I am so itching for shorter fringe.


my hair stylist has deliberately did a slight layered bob for me in order for it to last nicely for at least two months (you know, short hair has to be short enough in order to stay bob, there’s no such thing as medium length bob hair, too heavy your hair can’t be airy one okie)


I have to tahan the itch for at least two month since my previous hair cut. Cannot disappoint him in case he hates me and put my dear hair in danger. Too risky.


Friday night the long weekend night, that night I stayed up till late night waited for wantik for our alcoholics-in-action session.

I think I really had too much of girls only outings lately and it’s time back for something unisex before I turn lesbian.


That was the night I was enlightened how to make “fake fringe” while playing with my favourite hair pin.

Self-deluding has never been so fun. I went like omgwtfbuttuerfly I had my short fringe done lalala.

Sapu-ed like 80% of my under-chin length fringe to one side, manage it to the desired volume (flat flat fringe that limp on forehead definitely a big no-no), and then pin it at roughly eye level or wherever you think it’s nice.

And then it’s done. Very simple it takes less than a minute to get it done, probably five minutes to figure out the parting, volume and point where you want to place your pin (applicable for first timers).


Another five minute for camwhore which also applicable for first timers. Because you’ll be too happy that you learnt something new that works.


Nah if you don’t want to look “act cute”, very easy you can just use black colour bobby pin, remember to hide it nicely yea.



I went omg I’m so yengz when I took this shot and then I noticed that my mirror stained fml.


EVo said...

Aiseh. tai cute jor! nice bob :) hey i never met u since u cut ur hair! r u going for the hannah tan concert this sunday?

aileng miao said...

no orhhhh..... dont have ticx for it... T___T

Jennifer Chai said...

nice top nice top...cant help...
i know u talk about hair....but hehe

Anonymous said...

LOL..very cute

yeeWen said...

cant feel tat is short fringe worrr..but it does look cute la

aileng miao said...

hehehe my hair said its okiee :)


its kinda look shorter compared my original very long fringe nia~

Kelvin said...

lol, a lot of girls have the urge to turn lesbian nowadays:)

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