Pre Christmas Dinner

Our year 2009 Mickey Mouses Pre Christmas dinner was held at Twenty.one Tables+Terrace, BSC. In case you wonder what the heck is the Mouses and wanting to tell me the grammar mistake. Mickey Mouses is just a name of my closest jimuis group which appeared frequently in my blog :)


twenty.one tables+terrace – sleek by design, seductive by nature. Not so nice by the food :p

So, this year, just as every previous year, each of us prepared a present to exchange. (to Amber, just one more you and we are complete…)


Us and those presents we brought.


Draw KYDraw miao 


The supposedly present exchange but turns out more like a lucky draw moment *kan cheong*



Ta-daaa~ I’ve got wantik’s present!


wonwon has got my butterfly bracelet, Meeyee has got wonwon’s Carlo Rino charm.

Me have got wantik’s Women’s Secret sleeping suit, wantik has got Meeyee’s lip care from The Balm.

*clap clap clap*



A fruit cake from Maya Hotel!! Not quite my liking but it looks so cute and festival.

So we can play with it’s wrappings!

18836_361360150455_808075455_10277933_5624815_n 18836_361360170455_808075455_10277935_7043900_n 


After the dinner session, we shifted to the lounge seats for another cocktail sessions.

And cam whore :)



And there ended the story of miao’s first Christmas present of 2009. What’s up for Christmas eve? Stay tuned, I am going to post it up in a day or two :)


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