Christmas Eve to Christmas Day

*long post warning*

It’s like just a blink of time, same date of last year I was in the boyfriend-or-friend dilemma and also overwhelming guilt for making the decision of boyfriend-comes-first.

Same day this year, I am probably in a karma. This year, I was spending my Christmas eve boyfriend-less (while Christmas is like the most most romantic season of the year to me).


Having a boy friend who runs a restaurant is so totally unromantic (Unless he’s a director of a big ass restaurant group which impossible that happen to me).

When you need some one to dinner with after a day of hard work, he’ll be so busy with the dinner crowd he couldn’t even bother to look at your messages.

When you finally have a long weekend off you feel like you need a getaway he’ll always busy with the weekend eat out family crowd.

Even at the most most important festive of the year (Christmas, Valentines), you too do not even fancy about having him to be with you. Because those are exactly so called peak seasons to him.


That night, the celebration and countdown at Bambo9 (yea again, just don’t want to go down to KL and get stuck in jam nia) was great, but never complete without your love ones around.


Party mates of the night. Christmas hat in different designs were given randomly as a door gift. I love my Merry Christmas hat and Meeyee’s blinky hat also so cute!


All the good girls were given Chuppa Chups from Santa and the big fat old man says, “you are allowed to go bad tonight, ho ho ho”


Meeyee’s favourite shot of the night ♥

miao’s favourite shot of the night ♥ It tells joys and happiness.

Winnie babe our featured guest of the night.

Hats-off time.


Finally wantik has arrived ♥

And more have arrived too!


Big surprise for getting Black Label in Bambo9 with cheap price. RM650 for two, they normally mark up the BL’s price sky high and sell Dewars soooo cheap that always made cheapo people like us to go for Dewars lor.



♥ Randomness on Chrismas Day ♥

I had my white Christmas brunch here.


I had my turkey replacement – the grilled chicken in pesto sauce bla bla bla.

And a lot more food that I was too hungry until I forgot to take picture.

The interior looks familiar to you?

Yea it’s delicious <at> Dua Residence. I heart their grocery shop at ground floor so much I can spend half an hour there just to check out their groceries and got so hyper wtf.

Baby looks so tired his eye bags can be a coin pouch I can keep coins inside.


My beautiful Christmas ended with the movie Avatar with my siblings and brother’s friends. Look at the tickets how many years I have never bought so many tickets at once.

And Avatar is great, the story is totally thrilling (oh kinda romantic too) and I can’t help admiring the god damn beautiful almost real graphics.

A random shot outa all randoms that I likey.


Signing off, good night.

xoxo ♥


yeeWen said...

sounds so kesian..oh na~

yeeWen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
choonhong said...

Miao went bad that night whoa

amber said...

eeeee... baby neh, so sweet~
i hav watched Avatar too, it's so amazing and impressing..
Happy New Year by the way :)

hseang* said...

haha, nice one. feel like giving u a hug. >Hugss<! ^^ Happy New Year!

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