twenty.one tables + terrace

A restaurant + lounge where I’ve patronized twice in a week time.


<at> BSC, the Bangsar Shopping Complex.


First visit was for dearie hottie Carmen’s birthday.

Happiee Birthday babe ♥



A naughty little cupcakes for Carmen. We all know that she’s going to like it, for sure :)

Wondering where these too-cute-to-be-eaten cupcakes from? It’s White Daisy.


You know, think of BSC dining and drinking your feet just naturally bring you to the ground floor to where the shimmering lights and happenings are.

Therefore during the very first visit, I spent a little extra efforts to figure out that, in order to reach twenty.one, you have gotta walk all the way out to the other end of the complex. There’ll be this transparent elevator brings you right up to the entrance of twenty.one. 


The ambience?

Sleek and sophisticated, with a killer KL city night view, awesomeness.

And also DJ in the house, awesomeness 2.


Honestly, Twenty.one is so much more a place for chilling than dining.



Because two days later I revisited this place for jimuis’ pre-Christmas dinner.



Salad, with “uniquely unique” dressing.


Appetizer. It does look like a sausage, but no it’s a salmon, with egg yolk. Another uniquely unique one.


Main course. Tempura something, or maybe fish n’ chip something.


Pasta. Supposedly aglio olio, I can barely recognize by tasting it.

Another main course. Mashed potato and mushrooms something, probably best dish of the day.

Dessert. Warm chocolate something but it is cold.


Conclusion, cocktails are nice, with reasonable price ♥

So you know what to order there :)


hEnRy said...

Kinda nice place to visit and partay-ing

Can have some plans over there next time...
Thanks for the sharing ^^

aileng miao said...

and post up after your visit too :)

hEnRy said...

yeah, sure will do ^^

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