Moday blueeeee

Monday blue... real blue... Couple of bad news earlie in morning make it even more blue. Why there are so many irresponsible persons on the ground doing so much of irresponsible stuff? No show, fong fei kei, no pick up phone calls no reply of sms, etc. When u r acting in such an immature way, have u ever consider about the consequences not only bringing to urself but also to others who tried so hard to help?

... It takes more courage to face than to avoid ... Thats y alot people chosen to avoid, to ignore the problems ... I noe i did that too during my young time, this suppose to be my karma.

So, I miss my dear weekend.


wantik said...

i nvr had a good and memorable weekend..and i m away from u the next weekend..haih

wantik said...

yoh yoh..i've changed my name from wong to wantik

Cageon said...

=.=" i just left a instruction page on da tokidoki post comment page to show you how to change your display name...suen ba la...

to leng: karma..風水輪流轉,低潮之後必定會是高潮..您就暫且忍耐一下下吧. btw, is your chinese horoscope boal or rat? maybe u 犯太歲 this yr and you didnt go on tai shui..and if you really r, no wonder you r so sui this yr...wahahahahahaha

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