Dear sunday

... Rainy day ...

My mind is full with shopaholic, but im so lazie to go out. Browsing at yahoo taiwan, but they don deliver oversea *sobsob* There are few brands in http://buy.yahoo.com.tw/ very very de kawaii~~~ love it *o* like yoko, reiko, tianmu etc etc.... Or maybe just the models are too pretty, that make de clothes looks nice too.

i'd wasted another weekend. wat a meaningless wkend. is freedom equals to boredom? i still prefer being attached. I need someone who can always there for me.

How wish i can be a glass lady. I wanna be so damn so damn fragile. Stupidity is the best. I don wanna perceived as a tough ones who can bear the world on my shoulder. I am not... I need a shoulder to rely on more than anybody do. just that I told but noone take it serious. I am boyish, but I am still a girl.

I need someone patience, so u wont blame me on my stupidity.
I need someone strong, so u can always keep me within ur arms, n protect me.
I need someone capable, so u can provide me solutions for everything.
I need someone convincable, so u can convince me not to fly to faraway from u.
I need someone socialable, so u can accompany me to all occasions and i dont need to make choice among u n my frens.
I need u to treat me like a pet, so i can always live in peace n away from chaos.

Probably u are too perfect. Therefore u nvr exist.


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