When im Sick

I was not feeling well for whole week. finally i was K.O on friday. Earlie morning i told vern that i wanna take MC, my eyes not well. Im so stupid untill i dono even noe wat happened to myself.... i jz said i wanna c doc, cuz i feeling aint rite. He blamed me abiit, don trust that aileng can actualli fall in sick. *sigh wat is tis..*

I went to c doc n told him tat i feeling aint rite since earlie of the week. he asked me y i din come earlier? So i told him no time. he laughed and put the thermometer into my ears, said im having moderate fever, 41c. But my gum color n throat shwn that my body is overheat in almost serious level. *now oni i noe that body heatiness and fever is two different sickness* i have 5 ulcers. n a tumor on my right eye.

Feeling so ugly when im sick. I was given alot medicines. I hate medicines when thers no one for me to manja while taking it. so long never get fever, fever is the most recognizable ill of evrybody compare with all others ills. But now i truly belive that ppl actually judge sickness from ur look than the truth. I spreard the news around abt my fever. but noone believe with me. *sigh*

Vern, "if not reali sick den better u come n work aftr seeing doc!"

RT, "oh u r sick? how come i saw u stil like nothing?" ofcuz my dear, u r paying me money to work for u. if i don work as usual r u stil gonna pay me...?

wantik, "aiyo when u sick den jz don stil acting hyper la. who's gonna trust u with ur look" but but i cant resist myself from gepoh-ing wat u guys toking...

Thats me when i sick. And still writing blog crapping even my mind is not conscious enuf to write.


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