Malaysian clubbers in Hong Kong

First night in Hong Kong was holy glory day of the week - Friday!

Even though the four hours flight is exhausting, even though the walking had our feet aching, we still decided to hit the club straight after our first day tour.

The club named Beijing Club, very lame name that gave me strong impression of those night clubs which often appeared in Hong Kong movies but self-claimed as "Hong Kong Finest Club". So we went, because it's located at a very very secured location Wellington Street (right next to Lan Kwai Fong - a main night-out spot for tourists), because it's near to our hostel, most importantly because we didn't know where to go.


And it is fine. Crowd with mixture of yuppies and foreigners, Hip Hop and R n' B grooving all night till dawn (I'm serious, till dawn, they close at 6am in the weekends!)


DSC02969300HKD cover charge with one drinks. Crazy pricing.


wantik Cocktailmiao Cocktailwonwon cocktail  600HKD a tray of shooters. Less crazy but still crazy pricing.


Hate to admit it, but, somehow money brought pleasure.


  One . of . those . many bars .

DSC03005Pump pump the stereo.

DSC03021Beijing Club - the dance floor.


DSC02992DSC03023Funny faces

Some . of . those . many faces . 







Ladies in the Ladies. And call it a night.


Ken Wooi said...

haha.. having lots of fun eh.. =)


wantik said...

i like the phrase " money bring pleasure" phew weet~

yeeWen said...

but my leg got no pleasure..only pressure nehh

aileng miao said...

got people wanna hold shoes for u nia you dont wan only muahahaha

yeeWen said...


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