Hong Kong Day II

Continuing previous Hong Kong trip posts...


Second day in Hong Kong, we rolled bed till the afternoon.


Tsim Sha Tsui - paradise for shopaholics, eataholics, and touristholic.


TSJ Ice Cream CartFirst amazement of the day - first time ever I've seen an ice cream truck in real life! (yea I'm a kampung miaoz)


♥ Very very late breakfast ♥

The Sweet Dynasty Cafe 糖朝 at Canton Road, opposite to the Harbour City 海港城.

The breakfast kick started with the simply yummy Siu Mai.

Pork Porridge with preserved egg - strongly recommended* So smooth, so fragrant.

Shrimp Dumpling - a so-so choice which you may save your stomach and opt for something else.

Tou Foo Fah, claimed made from hot spring water. Very very smooth indeed.


♥ Very very high end Harbour City

Harbour City - where all the international designer brands grouped all along the street.

TSJ Shops2Beautiful flagship stores lit the city, like gems.

Louis Vuitton

Earth Music & Ecology

Girls with victories


Hui Lau Shan healthy Dessert

Take a break, have some desserts.

Another shop where all dessert lovers must not miss, and it's almost everywhere in Hong Kong city, check out the branches HERE.






Making choice.


Something bird nest+coconut etc, serving in both warm and cold. A nourishing option.

Refreshing Aloe Vera, recommended*

Carrot Cakes


Avenue Of Stars

TSJ Avenue Star 2TSJ Avenue Star 4TSJ Avenue StarTSJ Avenue Star 3TSJ Avenue Star 5TSJ Avenue Star 6 

Mc Dong Dong Hong Kong


Even though fast food ain't the fastest food in Hong Kong, but the legendary Shogun Burger is so juicy so yummy!


Granville Road 加連威老道

An area where average priced boutiques located. A gentle reminder to double check your item before you left, as some of the clothing might be slightly flawed.


Kai Tan Chai 鸡蛋仔

DSC03159Never have enough of curry fish ball.


Beijing Club again ♥

Honestly, we weren't mean to be that die-hard fan.


We have been to Club No.9 too, check out the stairs, it is so glamorously led us up into the lounge.

And then there wasn't any crowd in there. I don't think I have seen any dance floor in there too.

So we left in less than five minutes time. Thank god it is a walking distance back to Beijing Club.

DSC03183So we were there again.

DSC03167The Berry something cocktail. All cocktails there are nice, too nice until you can't taste the alcohol.

Beijing Club EndMission accomplished - was there till the lights turned on. Don't play play, it opens till six in the morning.


Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠华餐厅

Malaysians go mamak after clubbing sessions. For Hongkies, they go to these kind of Hong Kong style cafe/restaurant.

Tsui Wah Restaurant is utterly famous in the Central 中环. Because it opens 24hours, because it's located in the middle of the buzzing Wellington Street, and because the Chu Chai Pao . 猪仔包 . Piggy Bun is so buttery so crispy so fresh from the oven so nice that you can die for it in one bite.



Nah, this is the Chu Chai Pao, Piggy Bun which Tsui Wah famous with.

The breakfast set - Two sunny side up, a butter sandwich, and a Nissin Noodle soup based luncheon+egg macaroni.

DSC03189Day II ends here, thanks for the patience of viewing :)


Tony Wan said...

good post.

Hong Kong is one of the must-visit city in asia :D

aileng miao said...

*nod* agree :)

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