I’m back from Hong Kong just less than a month.

I’ve wave good bye to black Disney just less than 30 days.


Disneyland is a true real slut. Just less than a month she has completely changed herself from black to white from Nightmare Before Christmas to it’s Christmas ho ho ho.

It’s not even December yet I have already seen Christmas Disneyland pictures flooding the entire blogosphere – those Christmas trees, those lighting attempting to look very very white very very sparkling, those hologram viewer/glasses/goggle whatever that makes all lights shine in shapes, etc etc I know it’s nice Disneyland is such a slut. I love it I hate it.


I have not even posted my Halloween Disneyland pictures yet!!!



I want to go Tokyo Disneyland. I want I want. I want to see slutty Disneyland in her white gown. I want I want. I want to see Christmas ornaments shines in the shape of snowflakes or hearts. I want I want…

I know this is not going to happen. Not this year, not without him. But I want I want…


DSC03558 DSC03561  



I miss Disneyland so much…



The castle, where I believe think I am belonged to.


I’m too lazy to upload not when other people busy uploading Christmas Disney made me jealous like mad. For the full album please help yourself HERE.


The whole Disneyland just feels so like this song…



Oh wait, one more picture – the other Minnie Mouse hair band I bought from Disneyland ♥


Ken Wooi said...

cute! haha..
i've never been to ANY disneyland also.. =P


Anonymous said...


sunway lagoon also can consider a mini disneyland also mah

Anonymous said...


aileng miao said...

One day Im sure you'll make ur way there. disneyland is a must-go place before u die~

lagoon it feels closer to the ocean park :)


yeeWen said...

yaya..sunway lagoon is like ocean park..but anyway,we personally think that our sunway lagoon is nicer than ocean park!proud*

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