Macao or Macau?

Welcome back to the "miao and Hong Kong" label. This post is specially dedicated to the world most daring Mickey Mouses who ventured to Macao without any prior planning and research, which means we didn't even have a single idea what to do where to go how to get there in Macao, we just say "let's go" and get departed.


Therefore my Macao trip is nothing excited. But I did found out that Macao is in fact being a special region parted from Hong Kong, which what it means 特別行政區 - the Special Administrative Region that stands on it's own system. In order to enter Macao, we have to go through it's immigration and custom policies to enter Macao, and they even have their own currency don't play play.



Dim-sum in a typical traditional Chinese restaurant (just like what frequently shown in Hong Kong drama series!), located just downstairs of our lodging.

Ds01Har kao, siu mai ^^

It's pork porridge with preserved egg again. Porridge is one of the best Hong Kong food to me :)

Hong Kong chee cheong fun with shrimp. I have no idea where Hongkiess found their shrimp and always manage to keep it so fresh, it's "doink doink" amongst your teeth in each chew okieeeeee...

I received a steamed basket of paos giving me a sign of Disney - isn't it look like Mickey Mouse head omg?!

All egg tarts in Hong Kong married to bird nest therefore they always appeared together gather.

**miao's penny of thoughts:

An average restaurant among Hong Kong standard, but way above Malaysia's standard. It's true that in HK you may always manage to find good dim-sum by simply walking into any dim-sum restaurant.


Getting to Macao

Very easy one, just hop into MRT to Sheung Wan station, walk to the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal (Shun Tak Centre), purchase a ferry ticket that cost you about 150HKD one way and you are steps away!

**a gentle reminder:

1. Do find out the ferry schedule HERE.

2. Although the travel duration is like only 45 minutes but it's better to reach the terminal like two hours ahead your planned travel time to purchase your tickets (both ways are selling like hot cakes, don't ever fantasy that you can just get tickets anytime like Genting Cable Cars).

3. Bring passport ya, I just mentioned they have their own immigration and custom policies didn't I?

Does this reminds you about LCCT?


Port When we finally got onboard it's already so much behind our schedule, the sun begun to set. Uh hm in HK sun and moon start to change their duty shift at 4pm-5pm.


Basically in Macao you don't really need to spend much on transportation. There are casinos near to most tourist spots, you can just hop into any of those provided free shuttle bus. They wouldn't shoo you out of the bus even if you are not a gambler, thanks to the financial contribution of those gamblers, amen.

Unless you are below 18 years old lah. Some of them very realistic, they don't fetch people who cannot gambler.


Ruins of St Paul's

My favourite in Macao. Not particularly that piece of wall but the delightful European charm of the architecture through the streets.

I always have something with old buildings.

Rua de St Paulo, or Tai San Pa 大三巴 if you have no interests towards Portuguese language - reminds me a lot of one of my favourite street in Taipei, Danshuei 淡水老街.

Just a little difference that it's more westernised, and more shopping!


Egg TartsPortuguese Egg Tart from Pastelabia Koi Kei 锔记手信. I think whoever visited to Macao never try this superb egg tart can might as well go bang wall and die. Because it's toooooo nice I have never had such nicey egg tart in my life!

By the way we'd missed out the famous pork burger (or pork bun I'm not sure). That makes me quite the depressed for a while but thank god when I got back in Malaysia my dearly fellow console me by telling me that it is so not gonna be my type and it even has bones in it. So okie now I'm over the gloomy doomy :)

This Koi Kee you can see it in almost every sight in Macao, they self-proclaimed as the best selling souvenir chain in Macao. Got to know that their almond cookies is their very signature item only after my trip. But they made everything to become meatloaf (or dried meat, 肉干) is quite a catch of my sight - wild boar lah piglet lah beef fillet lah you name it they have it wtf.


Ireland Potato Ireland Potato.

There are two things in the world that can't be joked: 1. Marriage 2. Potato.

Ireland Potato2Ireland Potato3 3. Cheese!


Lisboa Casino 葡京娱乐场 - So the Las Vegas.


Rua Da Ponte Negra . Taipa . 氹仔 .

A place which has nothing to do, we got conned by travel guide. But okie lah if you love Portuguese food there are a few restaurants here with great ambience and pretty famous too.


The Venetian Macao

A hotel <slash> casino which is freaking HUGE and somehow looks very First World Genting. A place for shopping and dining lor as well as to camwhore.

DSC03299They have this Venetian Square which really does look like outdoor.

See they have made the sky so real so 3D. The designers must be genius.

It can even turn dark, don't mess.

DSC03310The Venetian Canal. Romantic desu.


Last stop of the day we went to the Fisherman's Wharf Macao, where my camera battery died off. Frankly I can't imagine how would this place suppose to be without all those haunted mansions and Halloween events and decorations. It was just sooooo Halloween-ish when I was there.


Signing off, good night and chaoz ♥


p.s: for full album of Macao, click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Macao is a lil' boring leh.

I think 1 day trip should probably be sufficient.

aileng miao said...

hah! more than enough indeed :)

yeeWen said...

my egg tart pic is here~

emily @ shinyshampoo said...


the venetian macao like very nice horrr... i wanna so badly.... huhu...

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