Trick or Treats!


Booooo!! Halloween is sneaking up again!

Whether your Halloween party will be filled with Halloween treats for the kids and family, throwing a big bash with your colleagues and friends, spending it sweet and lovely with your love ones. It doesn’t really matters, what matters the most, is definitely the COSTUMES that jazz up the party or the night! (well, at least for the girls, I know most guys hate costume parties LOL)


Okie. Whoever follows my blog of just know me well enough, I’ve been cultivating my interests towards costumes since years ago.



Santarina @ wonwon’s birthday bash, 2008.



Black Elf @ Sony PSP Roadshow, 2008.



Kitten @ Zouk Halloween Party, 2009.



My 26th Birthday themed “Back to School”, 2010.



Wantik’s Vintage English Birthday Party, 2010.


And so before year 2010 ends, I have decided to expand my interests towards COSTUMES into something real. Which means even if I don’t need it, even if I have no occasion for it, I can still buy it, ship it all the way from whatever countries of origin.

Which means I am going to purchase on your behalf!


So if you are looking forward to dress up as sweet Japanese school girl who can melt every guy’s heart.



Or something sexy like dressing up as a stewardess.



Or something naughty...


p.s : believe it or not, this is 90% similar with the policewoman set which Cecillia Cheung wore in Edison Chen’s Sex Video.


Or even something oriental.



You know where to look for :)

Just click HERE to my Facebook public album for the details of what I have already had in hand. This batch is exclusively fully imported from Taiwan.

And all these sets are absolutely not more than RM90.


In case if Taiwanese kawaii-ne is so not your type and you are looking for something more formal for your corporate dinner/party, school graduation prom, celebrations or whatever themed occasions, do drop me a comment in my blog here or PM me via Facebook if you want to make it more personal (I’m caring ain’t I? :p).


Because I am having a catalogue of more than 500 sets of costumes from Europe. You got to let me know what is your theme, then only I can sort out the costumes for you, it’s impossible I have to upload all 500 sets, right?


Costume 2

(L) Mad Hatter . (R) Pirate .


Custome 3

(L) Princess Jasmine . (R) Cinderella .


And of course a lot more varieties of it. You name it I will try to sort it out for you. By the time you walk away with a Best Dressed Award whatever, just update me with the party pictures, that will make my day :)

By saying that this collection will be fully imported from Europe means it is a lot less kawaii but more formal, more gorgeous, more mature, and of course more expensive! (converting from POUNDS nia what are you expecting?).


Since I am never a online shop owner, neither an entrepreneur whatever, I do this out of my very own interests, therefore if there is any information that I am missing out or anything that I have to further clarify, please please please drop me a message and enlighten me.

Thanks. xoxo.


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