Waffle World @ One Utama

I’m craving for waffle, now.


I asked myself couple of times while passing by the Waffle World @ One Utama New Wing, it isn’t eye catchy, isn’t appetizing, isn't a big brand, isn’t even having good variety of food.

Why is it still surviving, over the years?


So finally after years of wondering why, the mystery solved.

Because it’s really nice. Not about the ambience, not about the name, it’s all about waffle. That kind of waffle that I like – crispy, light and buttery, beautifully browned, and oh-the-aroma.




I’m successfully making myself hungrier. during working hours. Nice one.




Last but not least, my blog isn’t hacked.



choonhong said...

sorry, i thought it was, bcoz there are alot spam in the chatbox and you change the way of your posting.

aileng miao said...

dont worrieee... u are not the only one say that :)

hEnRy said...

waffle is just so yummyy!!!
my chatbox spammed like nobody business as well...haha

aileng miao said...

haha cuz chatbox is everybody's business :p

i was in the dilemma whether to remove the chatbox due to all the spams, but then ended up decided to keep it also, easier for non-post-related topics niaa :)

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