Lazy Sunday


Like seriously, I am desperately in need of a good long rest at home doing nothing just to wrap myself up in fluffy blanket, cuddling feather soft pillows and read my books.


lazy source from {IKEA 2010 catalogue}


Amber said...

yea..i can see it from ur pic in FB.. ur panda eyes..yuan wong, so gao la..
u deserve a good long rest..

aileng miao said...

really that bad?? huurh which pics orh? its been a while since i last post picx... sei lorr u made me anxious d...

Amber said...

in ur garick's fb.. may be it's a closed up shot gua..
女人吾够睡, 好易老ga..
i dun wan to admit but cant help noticing my skin condition is a lot worse than 2 yrs ago..
nowadays, jus 1 day not enuf sleep & my dark circle is damn obvious, damn dark lo..

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