Steals of the month

My sexy steal.

There must be angels surrounding me. Otherwise how would I be so lucky when I decided to return to Aldo for the pair of shoes I spotted since a week ago, and so happened they were having their two-days-only Labour Day storewide discount.


My sweet steal.

Come, guess how much I bought this United Colours of Benetton luggage?





RM239, 70% discount from the original price of RM7xx.

See I said I am having angels around.


Now check out it’s size.

Isn’t that huge?

Pink and huge luggage bag. Finally I found you.

p.s: Sales in Tangs Pavilion is crazy now. Quickly go grab yours :p



My summer steal, from victoriasecret.com.

Boracay I am coming :)


Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy said...


EVo said...

Boracay?? when when?

aileng miao said...

u should get one for yourself!!

yea yea boracay, end of this mnth. cant wait for it >.<

Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy said...

dear...tell me more about boracay...I googled and they look fabulous to me!!!! flights to philipphines where??? any webbie with more info?

wantik said...

I love ur aldo....got others warna ?

Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy said...

yohhh....tangs sale end jorrr

aileng miao said...

huurh?!! so fast??!! luckily i purposely went back to grab my luggage :p

about boracay hor... i dont really look at one particular site for its info, except lonely planet for the feedback of accomadation, pretty reliable i guess.
yea it seems to be a beautiful place, i fell in love with it after watching the wedding video of fish leong :p

theres no direct flight from KL to boracay neh, i am taking cebu airline, have to transit at manila to the island itself. costs about 1k/pax.

i think they have brown too. but grey the nicest *v*

Anonymous said...

What a sexy pairs of aldo heels u have there :) How much did you bought it?

PS: sorry, I don't have a blogspot acc....

Anonymous said...

Ai Leng,

I really love your pink luggage.

Bump into your blog while researching for Boracay trip. Have fun in Boracay.


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