First week of 2010

I felt as though I was a walking corpse in the past one week.



I thought I was seeing the world spinning during work. I didn’t feel like I was living that day.

Later of the day, I went for dinner with Mickey Mouses and reached home in drowsiness. I felt as though my body heat can burn me, but I was shivering in cold.

Amidst the semi-consciousness, I saw him. Oh he sneaked in, I thought to myself. So I cuddled him tight and slept for a better half a night.



I still didn’t feel that I was living.

Sleeping at home most of the time, taking a day of sick leave without the approval of my bosses. He doubted if I was really ill.



I was alright for whole day, I can even out chilling. Still a little coughing, but I was alright.

I thought everything was over and started to get ready for the new year party next day.



I have got my party dress ready, been planning who and where to celebrate the coming of the brand new year.

I worked till late, helping up my mother as she isn’t quite well. I planned to get things done as early as possible so I can join the world to count down the new year.

Late evening, the familiar drowsiness hits my head, my party spirit gone weaker and weaker.

10pm plus I head back home, feeble and senile had eventually took away my party spirit. I laid on my bed right after shower.

I barely felt that I was living. I saw mother walked in and caress my forehead and then she told my dad that I was burning. I closed my eyes, phone rang, I managed to pick up some attempted to reject the friendly party invites, tried to apologize. I heard dad and mom having conversation about my ill.

Late night I saw him sneaked in again, he brought medicines and bye-bye fever sheets, I tried to cuddle him and sleep better but it wasn’t happen, I had nightmares, I sat up in the middle of night and cough and cried. I shivered but I was feeling burning hot.



Brother and dad went outstation, I went to work, I fetched grandpa to hospital for his regular visit, I went see doctor myself in a nearby clinic. I went dinner at his place because mom wants to.

I tried to live normal, but my body responded quickly to those medicines.



My days went blurred since I have started taking doctor’s prescriptions. I wasn’t quite well responsive to the antibiotics, it caused diaherra and growth of body acnes and irregular greasy at the roots of my hair. I know, because it’s not the first time I experience these symptoms.

I can hardly recall my day.



Finally I was feeling a little bit more human.

I remembered I had breakfast with my family, at least.

I remembered we went to see the still constructing new house and then I coughed non stop until I puked and I still cough, dad immediately send me back home, and then I took medicine and slept.

At least I manage to wake up at night and read a bit before I sleep again.



I thought I was alright, again.

Not until late evening I coughed myself to vomit again. I coughed as though I am going to cough till my last breath.

But no, I coughed until I fell asleep with the result of cough mixture till the very late night.

And I am here writing this post, now and still coughing.


God, if you can hear me, let me get well soon. Thank you.


marccus said...

Rest more and Get well soon =)

yeeWen said...

when u don't sick can no sick for a very long time..when u sick it sounds so serious de neh...wish u get well soon...so that we can hang out again...=P

choonhong said...

try getting some chinese herbs? it works well for me and hope it can help u too.

amber said...

yum gong.. have some honey drink, even when you are not sick. it's good for stronger body resistance..

take care neh, bless you~

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